The Conscious Consumer Guide

Simple know-how’s, hacks and tips to be a more mindful consumer

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”, said Gianni Versace. Our community of empowered and conscious women, time and again, tell us they want to wear clothes that don’t only look good, but do good.

The consumer has the ultimate superpower to pivot the demand-supply forces in their favor, pushing brands to adapt to their needs. So, becoming a conscious consumer means you’re contributing greater change in the world by making informed choices.

If you are still new to this space and are taking small steps, you can start with the following simple ways to begin your journey with mindful consumption.

Buy less + Buy seasonless pieces

Yes, you heard that right. Buy less and buy things you will cherish. Consider these two questions before making a purchase – Do you need it? Will you truly feel the joy of wearing this outfit many times over? Classics like Leh Studio’s white shirt, Gur’s delicately embroidered dresses or Urvashi Kaur’s cool separates are what we deem ‘seasonless’ pieces. You can layer them with Ka-Sha’s upcycled jackets, dress it up with Metallurgy’s accent pieces or simply wear it by itself. They never go out of style and there are countless ways you can re-style these classics!

Invest in Quality

Good quality pieces will last you a long time. Invest in garments that are made of good materials and try to choose brands with a reputation for focusing on lasting quality. We love this Purvi Doshi’s handwoven dresses and overlays, developed by craft clusters across India or Core’s slip dress and other essentials made from Tencel.

De-code the green label

‘Organic’, ‘Green’, ‘Natural’, ‘GOTS certified’, ‘Ethical’, ‘Cruelty-Free’ are all terms with different connotations. Learn to decode the labels when you are buying a product. Do your research on the brand and what they are doing in regard to achieving their sustainability goals. For example, clean beauty brand Purearth’s turmeric exfoliant uses natural ingredients and is leaping bunny certified cruelty-free, Outhouse’s bags are made from PETA certified Vegan leather and Saahra Sustain’s collection uses GOTS certified materials.

Rewear, Upcycle & Recycle

Use apps or planners to organize and style your garments to get maximum wears. Before discarding garments for little defects, have them sent for repair or upcycled them into pouches, utility bags or dusters! Some brands are even using zero-waste methods, like this jacket from Ka-Sha is made by recycling textile waste

These are just small ways you can shop consciously but make big differences with each step.

Care for your products

Read wash care labels carefully and follow instructions to increase the longevity of your products. Some fabrics like wool or denim don’t require frequent washing and other fabrics like silks or brocades must only be dry cleaned.

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