About Us-Old

Our Philosophy

Our purpose is to revolutionise the fashion industry into becoming more mindful. At Saahra, we are committed to educate, engage and empower people to make conscious choices. Encompassing the five pillars of sustainability; environment, social, economic, culture and technology, we strive to work with sustainable and ethical brands that are consciously dialling back on their carbon footprint and are sensitive to the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Luxury is a by-product of value addition. Make a difference by adding value to lives and the environment. Learn more about our Sustainability Policy.

We collaborate with design houses that have integrated the social responsibility of crafting ethical, sustainable and fair trade pieces as an intrinsic part of their brand culture.

Join our #ConsciousEffort to be human, eco-friendly and fair.

#Irreplaceable encourages you to rethink fashion from a lens of integrating planet and purpose, within the yarns of commerce. It's a powerful ode to craft and community. It tells you why now, more than ever, fashion needs to clean up its act and must become sustainable.