Conscious Effort Design Show and Conclave

#ConsciousEffort is an annual design show with a mission to educate, engage and empower people about sustainable fashion.

Each year, we curate conscious luxury brands across fashion, beauty and lifestyle to showcase at the show. Simultaneously, panel talks and workshops are held featuring the most successful game-changers of the industry, which include, designers, thinkers and activists, to navigate the dialogue on sustainability.

Dia Mirza, Joao Sousa & Andrew Almack discuss how we can balance public health with the wellbeing of the planet, with Saachi Bahl.

Keynote Address: Bandana Tewari at Conscious Effort, 2019

Panel Discussion: Cultural Sustainability : Bringing India at the Centerstage of Global Fashion

Panelists: Rahul Mishra & Gaurav Jai Gupta

Moderator: Bandana Tewari

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