Conscious Conversations

‘Conscious Conversations’ is a monthly series hosted by Saahra founder, Saachi Bahl, featuring a one-on-one interview with leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers to discuss aspects of sustainability, green technologies and paving a way towards a circular economy. Prominent guests include, Michael Stanley Jones (Co-Secretary United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion), Rina Singh (Founder, Eka), Dia Mirza (Actor), Andrew Almack (Founder, Plastics for Change), Nonita Kalra (Editor, Harper’s Bazaar) amongst others.

Season I, Episode I

In conversation with Nonita Kalra

Editor, Harper's Bazaar

Season I, Episode 2

In conversation with Rina Singh

Founder, EKA

Season I, Episode 3

In conversation with Michael Stanley Jones

Co-Secretary, UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, UNEP

Season I, Episode 4

In conversation with Michael Waas

Global Vice President, TerraCycle

Season I, Episode 5

In conversation with Vaishali Shadangule

Founder of Vaishali S Couture

Season I, Episode 6

In conversation with Gita Raam

Chairperson, Crafts Council of India